Primary Taekwon-Do


  • Come to class before it begins. Go to restroom if needed.

  • If you are late due to circumstances beyond your control, enter the classroom quietly and sit at the edge of the floor. Wait for the instructor to acknowledge you to bow in and quietly line up to the left of the last student. Habitual tardiness is disruptive and inconsiderate to fellow classmates who have made the effort to be punctual.

  • Show respect to the classroom. Only walk on the floor barefooted. Bow at the door when entering or leaving the classroom.

  • Show respect to instructors and Black Belts by bowing to them upon entering the workout area. Always address an instructor by “Sab-bum-nim” (teacher) or by their title and surname such as “Mr. Churchward” or “. Quickly respond with “sir” or “mam” when addressed by or asked a question by an instructor or Black Belt. Never say, “yeah” or “huh” in this dojang or any other martial arts school ever.

  • If you need to leave early, let the instructor know before the class begins.

  • Ask questions at the end of class at the appropriate time. Understanding is gained through training as opposed to intellectualising. If you are unsure about a one-step (Ilbo Taeryon) or pair exercise that is being worked on, immediately raise your hand to ask the instructor for verification. This is a safety issue and prevents you getting hit accidentally by your partner.

  • Students do not extraneously talk, “coach”, or comment on fellow students’ technique. Do not enter into dialog with the instructor during class. These habits break others’ concentration and waste valuable classroom time. The instructor is glad to talk with you after class.

  • Although a student may disagree with an instructor, the student must first follow the instructions and then discuss the matter after class.

  • Wait to adjust your clothing during rest command (cho). Bow and turn to your right towards the back of the classroom when you do so.

  • When you are asked to sit down while watching classmates, always sit cross-legged, back straight with wrists over knees. Sit in a row according to rank. Pay attention and watch fellow classmates. Observation is part of your training as well as offering courtesy to your fellow classmates and instructor. Be attentive, be alert, and learn every minute.

  • Never lean up against a wall or post in the classroom. Do not touch the mirrors or walls

  • Do not sit down during a water break and remove your belt before drinking. Get a drink from your water bottle and then return to the floor immediately.

  • Train to be focused. Do not become distracted because someone enters or opens the door. Always focus on your partner’s eyes. Always focus straight ahead at the target on your imaginary opponent during Kibone. Always look at your instructor when she or he is demonstrating. This is NOT the place to look out the window, “gaze” or daydream and it will not go un addressed. Focus, pay attention and train yourself to be mentally alert, aware, and prepared.

  • Never look at the clock. This is rude to the instructor(s) and your classmates.

  • No foul language or profanity is allowed or tolerated in this school (dojang).

  • When a visiting Black Belt enters the workout area, the highest ranking assertively calls the class to attention (cha-ryot!), and at (kyung-nae) all bow at the waist with eyes down. This is good etiquette and prevalent in the martial arts.