Power Test

Power Test


Breaking or destruction as it’s sometimes known is a way for a Taekwon-Do student to test the accuracy and power of their techniques.  By breaking wood, tiles, bricks or rebreakable plastic breaker boards the examiner can measure the student’s accuracy, focus, technique, power and commitment.


The purpose of breaking is to teach the student the importance of using the correct attacking tool (part of foot, hand or elbow ) and having belief in their own techniques destructive power.




  • Breaking requires mental training as well as physical training. You need to focus your mind and see yourself breaking through the target.

  • Always practice your breaking techniques on strike shields first to develop your power.

  • Make sure you use the correct attacking tool and strike the centre line of the board.

  • Don’t strike the board, strike through the board and have confidence in your own ability to break.

  • Lastly and most importantly always seek your instructors guidance before attempting to break. They will demonstrate and show you step by step how to maximise your chance of success when breaking.

Primary Taekwon-Do

Grading Power Tests



Students  will have Power as part of their syllabus. Younger students will show their power on pads. The choice is always offered to the younger student, whether to show their techniques on a strike shield pad or to physically break a plastic rebreakable board. There is no difference in marks awarded for either option and is down to the student’s personal choice. Students of secondary school age will break to grade. The breaking process is as follows.


  • Bow to the grading examiner and then bow to the holder.

  • Inform the examiner of the technique, you wish to use.

  • Take the correct distance from the target in forearm guarding block.

  • One traditional measure with the chosen technique slowly, showing the attacking tool.

  • Break”. Perform the technique with full force to the same target area as was shown on measure.

  • Return to forearm guarding block directly after the breaking attempt.

  • Repeat the process with the examiners guide on which techniques (left, right or both sides) until the examiner is happy that you have fulfilled your breaking requirements.

  • Bow to the holder and then to the examiner and return to your original position

Competition Power Test


You should perform with the same rules as a grading power test but you only get one chance to break. There are 2 main ways that a competition is won.


  1. All competitiors get a single technique. if they break they are through to the next round which will have another technique.

  1. There are 5 techniques with each broken board worth 2 points and a partial break worth 1 point. points are added up after the 5th technique.

At some competitions there may be a separate categories for hand and foot.