Set Sparring

Primary Taekwon-Do


Set sparring is divided into separate areas. Each one is designed to advance the students training in TKD to a level where they become competent with all aspects of self defence.

Not all areas of set sparring are required for colour belt gradings, but we believe much can be learnt from the other items.

Here you will find pages that can be used to help you learn. You can practice by yourself or with a partner. both methods work very well.

When you get to a higher grade you are expected to use the advanced techniques from your patterns to show an understanding of their use & relative target areas.

Here you can also find a 'Body sections & target areas' pictorial, this will help you understand self defence techniques to a higher level.

Basic & intermediate levels should be performed showing a full sine wave. Advanced levels can be performed with a faster or incomplete sine wave (as a connective motion) although once a student is at a higher level they will understand that the sine wave is used correctly in all types of set sparring.