Lil' Dragons 3-7yrs >>>

Primary Taekwon-Do

Lil' Dragons Syllabus

Our Lil' Dragon Syllabus breaks down the Junior whitebelt into more managable sections.

This syllabus works on balance and  strength. The students do 4 of the 6 items needed for their first  Junior TKD belt in every lesson. This is mixed up in  between games that promote spatial awarness, speed, balance, flexibility & core strength exercise.

This type of learning is inline with the UK's school curriculm for EYFS that allows children to learn through actions and play.

We also  promote skills such as self control and discipline along with concentration skills. Children will develop an ability to focus on the task in hand.

Every child is allowed to develop in their own time although we find healthy competitive  spirit prompts most to try a bit harder for their next promotion.

Promotions are carried out in class as specified in the Lil' Dragons Syllabus.

Each child receives a   sheet of their activities needed for each belt each month. Competitions are available to children of this  age locally and around the country.

Belts are  Purple, Orange Half, Yellow Half, Green Half, Blue Half, Red Half & Black Half.