Junior Belts 7+>>>

Primary Taekwon-Do

Junior TKD Syllabus

The Junior Syllabus is designed to allow children from the age of 6+ to enjoy learning. It has a large emphasis on the development  of strength, co-ordination and balance .

There are 3 belts that we use for this age group. Junior White Belt, Junior TKD Grade 1 & Junior TKD Grade 2.

The three belts break down the 'Adults' (over 12s) White Belt syllabus into 3 easier chunks. On completion of the Junior TKD syllabus, a student will continue with their learning on the  'Adult (over 12s) path to becoming a Black Belt.

  A diligent student should be able to start and proceed to the adult syllabus in 18 months.

There is a minimum of 3 months  between each of the gradings at this age and ability.

Many Children take the option of 3 month grading intervals..