Primary Taekwon-Do


UKITF™ are considered one of the most successful Taekwon-Do groups within the UK. The classes are suitable for all ages and all fitness levels. The High Standards and Quality of students have always been among the best world wide. Under the guidance of Grand Master Nicholls IX Dan I.T.F. we can offer more than any other group within the UK. From Internationally recognised Degree, Instructor and Examiner qualifications, to access to National and International competitions and Seminars.

The full time and professionally run administration backs up the highly trained Instructors enabling them to provide the best teaching practises to you and your family. All the staff are fully vetted, insured and have passed the CRB enhanced check which ensure they are suitable to teach Taekwon-Do to the public. They regularly attend NGB (National Governing Body) seminars to ensure they are up to date with the latest teaching practises.

UK ITF™ has grown exponentially over the years to become one of the leading Taekwon-Do groups in the UK. We offer a united front for the ITF, not interested in the petty political bickering seen amongst other groups we are proud to be affiliated under our President GM Choi Jung Hwa IX.

Here to provide unmatched Taekwon-Do resources and support from its Senior Members we have supplied pathways for our elite athletes to attend premier events such as, the 2004 World Championships held for the first time in South Korea collating results never before attained by a UK contingent. The 2006 Junior World Championships in Australia saw UK TEAM return as Overall Champions of the world. Achievements such as this are due to the forward thinking attitude of our group and its sponsorship of all our competitors.

Hosting the 2007 ITF World Championships (NIA, Birmingham) we proved our professionalism and our dedication to forwarding Taekwon-Do technology in assisting competitor performance. They showcased the new ITF approved Entry and Scoring System which will now be implemented World Wide, the Staggering Laser show used for the opening ceremony and the Medal Presentation software.

The UKITF are constantly working to ensure all members are receiving the best possible tuition from  Instructors, and remain dedicated to continual growth and support through learning and training together in the art of Taekwon-Do.