Primary Taekwon-Do

Primary Taekwon-Do

Primary Taekwon-Do

Primary Taekwon-Do is built on the principle of delivering affordable training in fitness and self defence to children and those associated with children. We promise no financial contract will tie you in for years and

No hidden costs ever!

Taekwon-Do is first and foremost an unarmed self-defence martial art. It also has the privilege of being one of the few real ‘Martial Arts’, the term Martial meaning – ‘of the military’. The founder, who was a General in the Armed Forces of South Korea, developed Taekwon-Do through the military academies in South Korea.

There is emphasis placed upon developing various parts of the body to provide powerful defensive tools under attack and equally powerful offensive weapons to counter attack. Along with the physical training there is the introduction of courtesy and discipline required in an institute of learning.

At a local level the original Primary TKD School started in May 2008,  Training is conducted in a disciplined but enthusiastic manner, encouraging participation of all students in a controlled but not forced training schedule that is in line with the curriculum of the International Taekwon-Do Federation, British Taekwon-Do Council, United Kingdom ITF & British sports council.

Introduction and Information

When you are accepted as a Taekwon-Do student you will become a member of an international family with many thousand students in the UK, Europe and the world.

The Instructors at Primary TKD are Mr Adam Gibbs 4th Dan and Miss Charlie Gibbs 2nd   Dan. Mr Gibbs is a qualified British Taekwon-Do Council & ITF Instructor and ITF Umpire. Each has insurance cover with the British Taekwon-Do Council (BTC).

As with all sports there are certain expenses.

Annual Club Membership & Licence Subscription

(Please note - these are not due for the first 3 months but then should be in place after this point)

A registration fee of £25, which includes the club membership, your Achievement record/starters pack and insurance. To ease the cost of starting TKD this is not due until the first grading, normally 3-6 months into your training. However juniors will receive their starters pack in the 1st full month of training after fees are paid.

The annual renewal is £25 (Reductions for each additional family member).

Monthly Fees are worked out over a years training divided into 12 equal monthly payments. Training is available at any of our schools for no extra charge. Their is currently training available every day of the week. Classes run 51 weeks of the year at most locations although in 2014  we had to drop to 50 weeks due to hall closures at Christmas.


Training Suit

An ITF Taekwon-Do training suit will be required prior to taking any grading exam and currently cost £30. They are complete with the correct markings, badge and a white belt. Coloured belts are provided upon a successful grading but remain the property of the instructor.

New suits are available from your instructor, you are welcome to source training suits for yourself but please ask the instructor if they are of the correct type. We suggest that you do not by second hand training suits for children as this lessens the value of Taekwon-do as a whole to the younger student.

Safety Equipment

Students will require safety equipment in order to participate sparring at competitions. Sparring equipment is compulsory in class, gradings from green stripe (approximately 2yrs after starting training). Sparring Kit is available to borrow at our tournament club. Minimum safety equipment consists of hand and feet, head, groin (males) and elbow protectors for juniors.

New equipment is available from your instructor who will source the correct equipment adhering to our insurance rules. You may purchase second hand safety equipment from the instructor subject to availability – check the website

Training Handbooks

There are two handbooks that will see the student progress from white belt to black belt. These are given out after the first grading and again after the first senior belt grading for free. There is a small cost for replacements.

Grading Examinations

Grading examinations are held on a regular basis and for most occasions are held locally. Students are always graded, by an independent international examiner from outside of the club with Torbay TKD. Grading examinations are currently £25.00 for all students .Under certain circumstances a student maybe able to pre grade under Mr Gibbs on a separate day.  The cost of Mr Gibbs’ time is free but all other costs to the club must be covered prior to the pre grade.


Training Seminars & Competitions

There are training seminars conducted by senior instructors and Masters on a regular basis. These are open to all students above green stripe.

There are regional, national and international tournaments held throughout the year. These feature the main disciplines of patterns, sparring and breaking and are open to all grades. Entry price varies according to the competition. Students may be invited to attend non-ITF competitions if they reach the correct level.