Primary Taekwon-Do

Dear Students,


Primary Taekwon-Do closed all clubs on 17th March 2020 as a consequence of the Coronavirus Crisis. This necessary closure for the safety of our student members, their family and wider society was due to circumstances beyond the control of the club.

With huge sadness, these circumstances have led me to take the most difficult decision to permanently close my club, a decision which has not been taken lightly.


I would ask all members of the club to continue their training with our association head, Mr Churchward, online, in small group sessions that he runs, and when the time is correct, in training halls.


All fees from this point onwards, June 21st 2020, should be paid directly to Mr Churchward at Torbay Taekwon-Do.

Thank you to the amazing students who have dedicated themselves with such passion for so long.  I also thank our parents and halls for their support over the years. I wish everyone all the best for the future.


Personally, I now work away from Torbay on a day to day basis with occasional monthly visits to Devon. I hope to continue training with Mr Grant Churchward and the UK ITF when my work allows me to.


Primary Taekwon-Do clubs will not re open in the near future due to the virus and work commitments. However, the website, www.Primarytkd.co.uk, will remain live for anyone needing information, as will the club email accounts.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

I hope you all stay safe and well in these unprecedented times and hope to see you all at competitions and gradings in the near future.


Thank you and good luck.

Mr Gibbs.